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Rank, Numbers, Percent, First names, Rank, Numbers, Percent, First names. What is the Uzbek language? Even we were surprised to know that Uzbeks borrow Indian names. This Sanskrit origin name, meaning ‘ beauty’, has an exotic and modern feel to it. Kamara: Kamara is the feminine version of the Arabic name Qamar. It means ‘ moon’. Larisa: This moniker is a Greek nymph is used widely in Russia, from where it transported to Uzbekistan. Uzbek Girl Name Meanings / Orgin / Gender SHAHNOZA shahr, azad, Uzbek girl name. DURDONA unattainable, Uzbek girl name. UMIDA hope, Uzbek girl name. YULDUZ yuliy, Uzbek girl name.

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    You can get the list of Uzbek Girl baby names. What is a good name for a girl in Uzbekistan? Hence, Uzbek does resemble Turkic in sound and syntax. Baby Name World contains many Turkic, Russian and Uzbek baby names and name meanings if you are interested in Western Asian names. If your daughter is born with the fire sign, you can name her Zulnara, an Uzbekistan girl name, meaning ‘ fire’. Zumara: Parents who like keeping up with the society they live in, can name their daughters Zumara, an Uzbek girl name, meaning ‘ society’. Uzbekistani Girl Names ; FERUZA, Uzbek form ofFIRUZEH, Girl ; FIRUZA, Uzbek form ofFIRUZEH, Girl ; GULCHEKHRA, The first element of this name is derived from Tajik. Nov 05, · Shahlo. Fundamental » All languages » Uzbek » Terms by semantic function » Names » Given names » Female given names. Uzbek names given to female individuals. Derived from the Uzbek word acha meaning " mother, grandmother" and sanam meaning " idol, beautiful woman". Adiba Адиба f Arabic, Bengali, Tajik, Uzbek, Malay Feminine form of Adib. Adolat Адолат f Uzbek, Tajik Means " justice" in Uzbek and Tajik, ultimately from Arabic عَ دَ لَ ( ' adala) meaning " to act justly". Check Out Top Uzbek Girl Names in this article · 1.

    Uzbek form of FIRUZEH. Gender: Girl, Origin: Uzbek. Feminine form of UMID. Is Uzbek a Turkic name? Derived from the Uzbek asil meaning " real, genuine", " precious", or " dear" and poshsha, an endearing name for a girl or woman. Uzbek names for boys and girls. These names reflect the Uzbekistan culture and architecture. 133 Most Popular Uzbek Baby Names For Girls And Boys. Did you know that Uzbeks borrow Indian names? Top Baby Girls Name. Girl, Variant of Alana, meaning valuable and to arise. Girl, Any large item of clothing that covers the entire body, such. Uzbek Baby Names For Boys.

    Abdulaziz: This traditional Muslim name in modern usage means ' servant of the Almighty'. In Islamic tradition العزيز ( al- ' Aziz) is one of the 99 names of Allah. A notable bearer of the name was Al- ' Aziz, a 10th- century Fatimid caliph. Aziza f Arabic, Uzbek, Kyrgyz Feminine form of Aziz. Bahrom m Uzbek, Tajik Uzbek and Tajik form of Bahram. Baxtiyor m Uzbek Uzbek form of Bakhtiar. Dilshod m Uzbek, Tajik Uzbek and Tajik form of Delshad. Most Popular First Names In Uzbekistan. Forebears knows about 46, 240 unique forenames in Uzbekistan and there are 665 people per name. Category: Uzbek female given names · Gulnora · Shahlo.